We use online services that allow you to upload files. Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and Hightail are some of the online services that facilitate quick and easy-to-use uploading.
You can drag or browse multiple files at the same time and the sent files can be sized up to 2GB.  The files are synced online quickly. Then, you can send them to us.

We like to do things a little differently

How it works

We build a synchronized and flexible process. You will immediately find the answer right from the start to the most satisfactory final product.

Request for budget/quote

Receive quote/budget within short time.

Approve & process

After approving the quote/budget, we start processing the job.

Download the images

Once the job has been completed, we deliver to you via FTP/WebMedia

Make payment

Once you satisfied, we send you the invoice to make the payment.