Smart Clipping is an online graphics company based in Vietnam and specialized in the clipping of images. Emerging as a growing company in this field, we are committed to providing 100% handmade and high-quality Photoshop image clipping at the best price. . Our services involve all kinds of professional image editing, ranging from image masking, photograph retouching, shadow creation to ghost mannequin removal and neck join services.
Clipping path, or a closed vector path, is widely known as a cut-out in the field of professional digital photography, which is created by photo-editing software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop.
Photoshop most essential expansion is layers. Since the first form, the act of separating layers has been a challenge when the technology was not available. Lately, image masking was developed to ease the process of removing the background from a photo.
The retouching technique includes numerous processes, namely basic color correction, glamor or skin retouching, make-up improvement, photo restoration, and photo cartooning.
Color correction is to make changes to the color of an image. In photography, the term “color correction” refers to the adjustment of raw image data to produce realistic pictures by using image editing software like Photoshop.
Neck joint, or ghost mannequin, refers to a Photoshop process that enables customers to conceal the mannequin layer and demonstrate the clothing product image clearly.
One of the most effective visual effects in Photoshop is Drop Shadow. This technique allows creating an offset shadow behind an object to illustrate itself a 3D depth in a 2D background.
Mirror Effect or Creating Reflection of an image in a technique used to generate a mirror image reflects the main object in a symmetrical plane. What’s more is it helps to make effects in which duplicates…

The process to convert a raster image is quite complicated. Without a savvy, it’s almost impossible for you to do the trick. That is why you need a vector conversion service.

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