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The fashion industry is developing at an astonishing speed with the increasingly fierce competition. Whether you can survive this race or not largely depends on your method of marketing and selling your products. As one of the popular Photoshop services recently, neck join can help you. Let’s find out more below.

What is Neck Joint?

Neck joint, or ghost mannequin, refers to a Photoshop process that enables customers to conceal the mannequin layer and demonstrate the clothing product image clearly. It is among essential image editing tactics that help to insert or remove the neck from a new image. In general, it is a clothing-based photo service.

In physical shops, clothes are normally put on mannequins to display. However, it proves ineffective to do the same thing when it comes to online sale. In fact, products for online display need to have the mannequin removed to achieve more pleasant looks. It is not always easy to remove the mannequin and manipulate the neck joint. In most cases, it asks for special skills and experience like those of expert editors. Besides clipping the mannequin part of product photos completely, you need to make further improvements to the overall image to secure an impeccable exhibition online.

Neck Joint’s applications

The Internet of Things has underlined the need for online visibility to any business. With a view to attracting target customers worldwide, several fields like e-shop, fashion photography, professional clothing photography, and readymade business certainly have the greatest demand for this kind of service.

In the garment industry, mannequins are widely used to enhance products’ display. During shots, photographers usually make use of dummies or dolls to help viewers imagine how an article of clothing is like on a human body.  Photos of the clothing lying on a certain surface or being hung on a hanger won’t be attractive to customers.  In the meantime, the neck joint service helps to remove dummies or dolls from the image so that the product looks as natural as possible, thereby forming a distinct impression on customers. The presence of mannequins may distract people from focusing on the product if they are shown with the garments. Therefore, it is necessary to make mannequins invisible.

Clothing photos with mannequins or dolls turn out to sell worse than those without such things.

Neck Joint’s Process

As a type of image manipulation technique, the neck joint service requires around 2-3 photos of a garment. One photo is taken from the front side after hanging the garment on a mannequin while the other depicts the inner side of the neck part with its label visible. In case customers ask for the backside of the clothing image, then a picture taken from the backside is necessary.  After that, these photos are combined at the neck with the use of Photoshop, especially clipping path, thereby producing the ghost mannequin’s illusion.

In addition, we make a few adjustments to the image’s color and brightness while adding creases to enhance the appeal and authenticity of the product. During the process, you can use color correction to avoid showcasing different colors with different images. Instead, you can change colors on the same image, which will save you a good deal of time and effort.

Smart Clipping’s Neck Joint Service

The neck joint service offered by Smart Clipping makes sure to handle customers’ jobs in a smooth and time-saving manner. Understanding the vital importance of displaying products on online portals, we assure that the resulting images of clothing will contain no knob, bulge, flaws or parts of mannequins.

At Smart Clipping, we have a team of well-skilled and dedicated Photoshop editors, who are expert in conducting the best process to produce the most satisfactory output. We will carefully cut the back part, then place it in the desirable place before retouching the joint part. After that, we will add some natural shadow to the joining point to provide the final product with a realistic finishing. We are committed to keeping the shape and edge of your garment outline flawless while altering its size according to your expectations. Any requirement or comment given throughout our contract term will be valued and added to the final product.

We are proud of being a growing company in this field. We share no compromise in delivering to you the best quality products at an affordable price range. Our customer service support is available 24/7 so that we can deal with every query of you promptly.

Besides neck joint, our company also provides numerous other Photoshop services such as image clipping, photo masking, and image retouch. Contact us now and choose the suitable service for your needs.

Our partners

We have built up long-term relationships with customers from diverse sectors:

  • Garments industry: We take pride in the ability to process images of all clothing types, ranging from T-shirts, jackets, coats to children garments and work wear.
  • E-commerce business: Understanding your huge workload of editing and maintaining photos every day, we are willing to share this burden with you besides helping you to gain enormous benefits.
  • Photo editing agency: Our service has a very good reputation among photo editing agencies for high-quality products and punctual delivery.
  • Professional photo editor: If you are a professional photo editor, our service is an efficient and painless solution to your job.
  • Professional photographers: If you intend to use your works for commercial purposes, our neck joint service can help a great deal.
  • Others: Either professional or amateur users working on photos are welcome to use our service to receive positive feedbacks and promote their works.


Generally speaking, in such a digital world, drawing customers’ attention is rather tough unless you have effective marketing strategies. One of them is impressive imagery, which is created with the help of neck joint technology. Recognizing an enormous demand for this service, our company Smart Clipping is making every effort to satisfy customers with the highest quality products. Just tell us your needs, and we will handle the rest for you.