Neck joint service is one of the perfect solutions to hide the mannequin from the dress photos. If you are an online dress retailer or seller then you need to have good looking and perfect filling dress photos on your website or social media to catch the valuable customers. For snap your dress photos with perfect fitting then you must place your dress on a plastic doll or mannequin. After taking the photos you need to cut out the outside doll parts. So that only dress photos can go to the website. While you will cut the visible doll part your dress neck will be cut. Then finally you need to join the back part of the main part. That’s called neck joint service.

Neck Joint services include:

Adding or removing persons to groups
Background replacement
Red eye reduction
Enlarging and cropping
Jagged edge removal
Removing wrinkles and spots
Beautifying images
Converting images to sketches, cartons or paintings
Adding Watermark to images
Clipping path
High end beauty and fashion retouching

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