Creating a Reflection with Mirror Effect in Photoshop

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What is Mirror Effect?

Mirror Effect or Creating Reflection of an image in a technique used to generate a mirror image reflects the main object in a symmetrical plane. What’s more is it helps to make effects in which duplicates an opposite copy stands in reverse with the origin.

The mirror effect is one of the classic Photoshop photo effects. Creating a reflection gives photos interesting patterns and fun designs. It is popular in designing movie posters, ad banners that draw dramatic impression, or album covers.

When to use Mirror Effect?

When people wish to add more aesthetical pleasing symmetric in a landscape picture, a handy tool comes in to manipulate this kind of modification is to create a reflection. Though this classic technique looks quite complicated, once you break down the steps, it’s no more than drinking a cup of tea.

This practice works effectively on pictures with open pavement or straight lines which separate the particular subjects you want to make the reflections. You can even create infinite reflections that illustrate image-in-image effect within a few steps.

How to utilize mirror effect?

Those are the tools offered producing a picture with reflection. The simplest technique for creating a duplicate version that goes on the other way is to flip the subject. In more advancing practice, you get to use other tools to support plus your creativeness.

Plenty of tools are used in making a reflection of a picture. Combining them to produce the abundance of the finish. Let’s see what tools Photoshop has equipped to help us generate mirror effect.

Remember every time you begin to mirror an image; you need to crop off the unwanted area using Crop Tool from the Toolbar.

When you do this, make sure the “Delete Cropped Pixels” is checked because we need to completely crop the area, not just hide it from the background.

Once the cropping is done, you need to duplicate the layer and create an identical copy to the side of the uncropped image. Then from here, you get to use the tools.

  • Flip

    Basically, this tool allows users to switch the image horizontally or vertically. Browse it from Edit > Transform > Flip Horizontal / Vertical.

    This will result in turning the copy version of the uncropped image into the reflection.

    In case you want to add more mirror effect to this image, try to flip it vertically using the same pattern. To begin with, copy this background and continue with Move Tool to set the duplicate layer under the origin.

    Flipping the copied version, you’ll have something like this. Pretty easy!

  • Rotate

    There are 3 options where you can rotate the image to get different effects. It is possible to rotate a single layer using the Transform Tool. You can rotate the image 1800, 900 Clockwise or Anti-Clockwise.

    Flip and Rotate Tools are the basic tools that are easy for most beginners. However, when it comes to adding more personal taste, mirror effect requires fluency in using other tools like selection tools and blend modes. Multiply blend mode will bring amazing effect with various pleasing colors and effects. But keep practicing with duplicating, cropping, flipping and rotating will surely produce enough interesting pattern for the image.

What can you make with Mirror Effect?

Mirror Effect doesn’t stop at flip and rotate. Plenty of application that use reflection to contribute aesthetics and drama to the image. While Rotate and Flip tool work on twining forms, the mirror effect can apply to generate water reflection, fractal mirror, infinity mirror effect, ripple reflection effect, light reflection, etc. We’ll go through a few effects that are widely used by mirroring.

  • Water reflection

    The final result of water reflection given in this photo is created by duplicating the top of the image that covers the city with buildings, then flip it vertically. The copied layer was then blurred using Blurring Motion filter. The next step was to use the Smudge Tool to create the typical distortion of water. A few more steps to go using more filters to mimic the color of the sky to get the best-looking result.

  • Fractal Mirror Effect

    In the fractal mirror, several stripes along the content of the photo are made. The effect creates multiple fragments on one image but intentionally allows the viewer to recognize. This is essential to the final outcome. This effect is one of the most creative visual effects. It costs patience and skill of managing a bunch of layers. Once you can keep things tidy, you’ll get to craft this effect with ease.

  • Infinity Mirror Effect

    This effect is created by placing an image inside an image to produce a feeling that the object is appearing to infinity. The major tool to use in this effect the is resizing tool, though you need more of modifications and practice to work on it. This effect is also known as the Droste effect.

  • Ripple reflection effect

    One way to add a touch of an impression to a landscape picture is to digitalize a water reflection. What it does is to create a digital water surface for a landscape image consisting of ripples and distorted images due to underwater reflections. Hence it gives a stunning aesthetic symmetry to the photo.

    That is to say; the mirror effect has been popular for many uses. The application gives generous benefits to many purposes such as in the music and movie industry. Digital painters as well find this effect handy when they want to create mirrors of their painting to make splendid patterns along with their creativeness. Other fields like sculpture, internal design and fashion have their ways to manipulate this particular effect.

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