Introduction: Image Retouching

No matter which camera make you use or how skilled the photographer is, the chance is that you won’t get the perfect shot as you want.  Although digital cameras’ advanced features allow you to capture high- quality photos, there are still flaws to fix later. Lighting condition may not be good enough, or you may have dropped the product before the photo-shoot. However, the appearance of image retouching has tackled all these problems. Regardless of circumstances, photo retouching services enable you to achieve the product you want.Image retouching - Clipping Path Service, Image & Photo Editing

What is Image Retouching?

When it comes to photography, image touching, or airbrushing, involves any process to either change an image physically (as for films) or enhance digital image appearance. Retouching allows us to improve the realistic outlook of images after capturing. Retouching helps to correct a wide range of image defects during a photo’s manipulation to make it look more refined and natural. Recently, the performance of photo retouching has mainly been done on computers thanks to photo editing apps, out of which Adobe Photoshop is the most popular one.

The retouching technique includes numerous processes, namely basic color correction, glamor or skin retouching, make-up improvement, photo restoration, and photo cartooning. What image retouching can do for us is more than whitening teeth, erasing imperfections or smoothing skin. It can even help you turn a yellow piece of clothing into a blue one or make several trees become a huge forest. You can also either remove or add a garden to your house’s picture

Features: Image Retouching

  • Meticulousness

    In comparison with editing, photo retouching demands more attention to details. It is necessary that you make out which part of the image you want to alter first before deciding to change it partly or completely. After taking such factors into account, go ahead and do your jobs.

    Light exposure

    To improve an image, the photo retouching technology exploits various extents of light exposure. Thus, you can receive products with deeper colors, finer details, and better quality.

    Numerous applications

    Image retouching serves the need of diverse users. Whether you are a photographer wanting to impress clients or an online seller seeking ways to attract potential customers, photo retouching services are a feasible and reasonable choice.

    Low cost

    Compared to hiring a professional photographer, photo retouching offers a low-priced alternative for you to capture photos in an artistic manner.


Depending on specific applications and procedures, airbrushing can be classified into five major areas: Portrait, Commercial, Editorial, Beauty and Creative retouching.

  • Portrait Retouching

    Portrait retouching allows the whole personal features of the subject’s appearance to remain completely intact. The output should look natural as if there aren’t any changes made to it. For this reason, Headshots and Model Test belong to this category. While short-lived features including skin redness, pimples, and bruises are made fainter or removed, permanent ones like freckles and scars are preserved or even emphasized.

    Generally, the skin stays nearly unchanged. As for female beauty portraits, instead of polishing to perfection, we even out skin texture for a more flattering look.

    Editorial Retouching

    With the editorial retouching, images are still kept as natural as possible. Only distracting elements are removed. So, result images usually appear in magazines’ lookbooks, advertising or editorials, serving the purpose of product and service promotion.

    In particular, editorials are usually a series of images depicting the same subject. Thus, color correction and contrast adjustments need to be consistent across them.

    Commercial Retouching

    Like editorial retouching, the commercial retouching is applied in product advertising but for a greater number of subjects.  To sell products better, you should make viewers feel personally related to the subject or want to buy the product. Besides removing all distracting elements, we also change several parts of the image to highlight the surroundings while creating a pleasant atmosphere.

    The whole process often takes longer hours than two above types of retouching.

    Beauty Retouching

    Beauty retouching can be found in various forms, ranging from beauty portraits, hairstyling photography to celebrity photography and fashion beauty. When it comes to skin, such a type of retouching pays more attention to perfection, meaning to remove both permanent and temporary facial defects. As a result, skin is always flawlessly clean.

    Creative Retouching

    As suggested by its name, the creative retouching focuses more on creativity than reality. It involves integrating different elements or images into the source photo to depict imaginative realms and numerous realities. Therefore, it may be the most demanding and time-intensive method of all.

Smart Clipping’s Image Retouching

Smart Clipping takes pride in serving from marketers and marketing agencies, printing and publishing companies, e-commerce site owners, celebrities to anyone owning a camera. The image retouching service makes everything possible. You can change an image’s background to any color that best emphasizes your product while enhancing or changing its color to your liking. You can also take out the mannequin from your product, add or delete a natural shadow.

At Smart Clipping, understanding the crucial role airbrushing plays in photography businesses’ success, we always try our best to offer you the best product. We are committed to working on photos until the result meets your requirements and you feel totally satisfied with it.

Our graphic designers are qualified for photo retouching besides having a thorough understanding of photography art to set your business apart from your rivalries. Are you busy running your business and serving customers? If the answer is yes, don’t be worried because we are here to help you. Just tell us your desired product, and we can deliver it to you at an affordable price range. Our team have received professional training in using the most cost-effective way to create high-quality marketing results while puntually meeting your deadline.

Our image retouching services are perfect for a wide range of fields, including:

  • High-End Beauty & Fashion Retouch
  • Glamour & Model Retouching
  • Wedding Photo Retouching
  • Portrait Retouching in Photoshop
  • Product Retouching
  • Family Photo Retouching
  • Old Photo Restoration
  • Real Estate Photo Editing
  • Sports & Group Photo Retouching
  • Stock Image Retouching
  • Head Shots
  • Children & Baby Photos Retouching


Generally speaking, the emergence of image retouching has provided a flawless but natural finishing to images. A well-edited image not only helps you to highlight your products but also draw customers’ attention, thereby increasing annual revenues and building up your brand’s reputation. Smart Clipping is willing to realize all of them for you. Contact us, and we will tell you what to do next with your image!