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  1. You can upload up to 3 files for free trial,
  2. Please note that the combined size of the three files should not exceed 60 MB. (e.g. It can be 60MB for a single file, or 20MB +20MB +20MB for three files)
  3. If your image file size exceeds this limit, please go to upload file and mention “Free trial” on the subject field, including your full contact details and working instruction on the message box. Then select files from your hard drive and send us.
  1. Check your 3 X file size does not exceed the limit of 60 MB in total
  2. Make sure you’ve filled up complete form properly
  1. Please refresh the page, or
  2. Contact Us for any queries.

We like to do things a little differently

How it works

We build a synchronized and flexible process. You will immediately find the answer right from the start to the most satisfactory final product.

Request for budget/quote

Receive quote/budget within short time.

Approve & process

After approving the quote/budget, we start processing the job.

Download the images

Once the job has been completed, we deliver to you via FTP/WebMedia

Make payment

Once you satisfied, we send you the invoice to make the payment.