A Comprehensive Guide to Color Correction in Photoshop

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Introduction: Color Correction

A photograph is considered perfect if it is the combination of good contrast, sharpness, detail, balanced and realistic colors. When it comes to photography, color correction is among fundamental post-processing applications that can help you achieve the output of such features. Take a quick look at the following post and decide whether it meets your need.

What is Color Correction?

Color correction is to make changes to the color of an image. In photography, the term “color correction” refers to the adjustment of raw image data to produce realistic pictures by using image editing software like Photoshop.

Since color correction is helpful in recovering images’ original colors, it plays a vital role in graphic design, digital media, printing, e-commerce, etc.

Color correction includes three major aspects: brightness, contrast, and color balancing. Out of them, brightness and contrast are often called tonal adjustments. In practice, all these elements are intimately linked, which means changes in one facet will in turn affect others.

Color Correction Tools

Although color correction may be an art, it is still heavily dependent on science and computer programming. Below are several tools that contribute to the perfection of your pictures.

  • White balance

    The white balance tool works on the basis of the white balance setting that is available in professional video cameras. It allows users to change images’ color cast for either the warmer or the cooler according to the Kelvin scale. Moreover, it is useful in removing redundant color cast created by unwanted fluorescent lighting while creatively simulating specific natural lighting conditions’ look.

    Brightness and contrast

    Brightness is the general light level, and contrast is the relative light levels of the adjoining areas in the image. A change in brightness can bring about a corresponding increase or decrease in contrast and vice versa. When brightness and contrast can blend into each other perfectly, they can create a specific fine-tuned look for models.


    Such a tool proves effective in enhancing the perception of sharpness, except for an out-of-focus image. It doesn’t literally sharpen images but increases particular edge pixels’ contrast to trick human eyes, making pictures look as if they are more delicate. After creating a copy of your image, this tool will then blur the copy and subtract its brightness from the original version.

    Three-way color corrector

    When it comes to color correction, three-way color corrector is often believed as the workhorse of this field. It facilitates the modification of saturation, hue, brightness, and contrast on the same interface. Although the three-way color corrector is inferior to a curves tool in preciseness, it is much more user-friendly and faster to operate. Its amazing speed helps users to experiment with diverse looks in your scene.

    Fast color corrector

    In comparison with the three-way color corrector, the fast color corrector provides fewer options to alter besides less complicated color math. Therefore, there is a remarkable reduction in adjustment speed and rendering time. This tool is perfect for creating an overall tint or making saturation adjustments to a video. Although it is user-friendly, the number of possible resulting looks you can experiment with is limited.


    Among color correction tool sets, curves are possibly the most complex but precision. Curves help to remap the overall image’s brightness and every blue, red, and green color channel. Despite their simple interface, what they can produce is the most complicated and nuanced looks without secondary corrections.

    One click on the image’s dark area with a color cast can produce magical results. Color will fill up blank areas while faded and dull regions become more pronounced and vibrant.


    The matching color, or color math tool can analyze a reference image’s colors and automatically change those of the target image in line with them. You can make use of this gadget to match clips from separate shots or match video shots taken by different cameras. If you have decided on the reference shot’s look, it is rather simple and time-consuming to apply a certain look to similar shots for making consistency throughout a scene.


    Qualifiers enable users to change a range of colors or a specific color to their liking without making alterations to the rest of an image. Or else, they can define colors which you want to keep unchanged while you adjust the rest of the colors in an image. Like a chroma keyer, qualifiers work to remove green-screen backgrounds. However, colors are replaced with an adjusted version of themselves rather than with different models.

Smart Clipping’s Color Correction Service

As a growing company in the photography industry, our Smart Clipping provides a variety of photo editing services that ensure the best quality products. Our Color Correction and Color Editing services are among the most essential and prominent Photoshop-based photo editing services. They involve the upgrade, enhancement, and modification of image color or exposure. Thus, they are applicable to various types of photography such as model photography, nature photography, fashion photography, e-commerce product, etc.

Besides technical skills and expertise, impeccable color correction asks for enormous creativity and experience. Any change in original product colors may make them more difficult to sell on digital media or online. When shopping online, color is one of the criteria that customers take into account before making a purchase. Thus, if the real color doesn’t match their expectations, they can reject the product upon delivery. This will adversely affect the whole business. Understanding this issue, we are committed to providing you with high-quality natural-looking products with a team of fully skilled, experienced, and dedicated professionals.

We are a vast graphic designing and image editing agency with various services ranging from color correction, clipping path, shadow masking, background removal, image masking, and so on. You can count on us to get support for your companies at an affordable price range and at flash delivery. Want a quotation for Photoshop color correction service? If so, contact our Smart Clipping Associate team and you will receive a detailed quotation within one hour.

Our color correction services are suitable for use in:

  • Fashion and Model Photography Color Editing (Replacing color)
  • Fashion Product Color Editing (Changing color)
  • Photo Exposure and Color Correction
  • Old and Black & White Photograph Color Correction and Restoration


Generally speaking, color correction can bring about perfect photos without eliminating their natural looks, helping businesses to boost their sales while earning customers’ trust. Our company Smart Clipping is willing to provide you with such a wonderful service that will definitely satisfy your requirements. Check out for our services right now!