Clipping Path – An Effective Tool for Your Business

The advent of modern technology has brought about numerous changes in the digital photography field. In particular, industries working on brochure sites, jewelry designing, catalogue, etc. widely use clipping path to produce lively and perfect pictures  with the most elaborate details. However, clipping path is a complicated procedure asking for enormous efforts and expertise. We as Smart Clipping are here to help you get over such difficulties.Clipping Path Service, Image & Photo Editing

What is clipping path?

Clipping path, or a closed vector path, is widely known as a cut-out in the field of professional digital photography, which is created by photo-editing software such as Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. During a clipping path performance, the pen tool in such software helps to make a new path before detaching the image from its background and pasting it onto a new one. The deep-etch method enables all areas of the image defined by the path’s borders to be precisely isolated from the rest.

Clipping path is also useful in other jobs, including correcting images’ shape or editing a certain part of an image. An image can be tested on diverse forms to pick out the desired one. Due to its incredible accuracy and natural look, several professionals make use of clipping path to create a mirror or drop shadow effects for photographs. For the best result, source pictures should have high contrast with their edges being sharply defined. As for the image of fuzzy-edged or transparent objects, you are highly recommended to go for advanced image masking instead to keep the cut-out as realistic as possible.

Besides high-quality photographs, clipping path can also create impressive catalogs, magazines, posters, flyers ,and brochures while drastically changing websites’ interface. In fact, with clipping path, product images may look much better than their initial version. The technology of clipping path has wide applications in various industries. In either printing technology or desktop publishing, perfection is now attainable with the help of clipping path.

Who can benefit from clipping path?

Clipping path has created new opportunities and enormous profits for both individuals and companies. Thanks to this technology, a specialist can present his or her clients with better and more pleasing-to-the-eye images no matter whether they come from advertising companies or government agencies. Besides, many offshore companies can enhance the quality of their work, following a remarkable increase in revenue.

Our service isn’t confined to serving those unaccustomed to clipping path. Since clipping path requires tactics, meticulousness and patience, it takes a rather long time to produce a satisfying output. Therefore, large batches of shoots to deal with may place even professional photographers under intense pressure. Here we are to share such nuisances with you!

Why is clipping path used?

The technology of clipping path has a wide range of applications in daily life, including:

  • Removing the background of an image to display your promoted products more prominently;
  • Masking the background of an image transparent, extremely helpful in designing catalogs in QuarkXPress or InDesign;
  • Whitening the background of an image to highlight the primary object, especially useful in online selling;
  • Changing the image background to create the scene for your photo;
  • Creating ads, magazine covers, and many other items in print media;
  • Bringing a breath of fresh air to companies’ old graphics and logos;
  • Saving silhouette selection with the image for later use;
  • Creating desired layers. The multiple selection modes allow for the production of numerous clipping path layers to enhance the vibrancy of colors. Several parts of an image can be modified to go with the color of other regions;
  • Adding shadowing or dropping shadows to the desired image;
  • Creating text or image wrap for special effects;
  • Creating separate components for animation.

Clipping path services at Smart Clipping

Nowadays, clipping path service is among common imaging editing ones in this digital world. It involves removing the image background by drawing a line around the object that needs editing. As a growing company in this field, Smart Clipping provides clipping path services catering for every requirement, ranging from simple, compound, medium to complex and even super complicated services. We take pride in serving both domestic and foreign customers, including world famous media, print media, fashion houses, e-commerce agencies, professional photographers as well as other creative companies.

We are devoted to satisfying our partners with products of the highest quality. As long as you entrust us with your project, we will take charge of the clipping path task and send you two sample photos first for your assessment. Once receiving your go-ahead, we would work on the project to create the final product up to your expectations. Understanding that your time is invaluable, we are always willing to respond to any query of yours instantly.

At Smart Clipping, we have a team of qualified specialists to conduct any photo editing work, namely background selection, layering background selection color corrections, image resizing, and removing image background. Understanding the importance of creating images with perfectly drawn clipping paths that look realistic, we always pay attention to the most dedicate details. In order to obtain clean and finished edges, we draw every deep-etching by hand with the pen tool after zooming images by a suitable percentage. It is our commitment to preserving objects’ natural shape that helps customers meet both their budgets and deadlines. Thus, customers can spend their valuable time on other important activities. Moreover, the rate for the services that Smart Clipping offers is relatively affordable, promising to suit almost every type of customers.

Generally speaking, the clipping path technology has marked a milestone in the history of photo editing. It serves as an indispensable tool in creating sharp and realistic-looking images for multiple purposes. Smart Clipping ensures that projects are accomplished on time with no compromise over their quality. Check out our services to select the most suitable for your demands and you won’t be let down.