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Smart Clipping

Welcome to Smart Clipping!

Smart Clipping is an online graphics company based in Vietnam and specialized in the clipping of images. Emerging as a growing company in this field, we are committed to providing 100% handmade and high-quality Photoshop image clipping at the best price. Our services involve all kinds of professional image editing, ranging from image maskingphotograph retouchingshadow creation to ghost mannequin removal and neck join services. At Smart Clipping, we have a team of over 50 highly-qualified professionals to productively and promptly handle both simple and complicated projects.

What we offer

  • Round-the-clock services
  • Quality assurance
  • Automated clipping process
  • Competitive prices
  • Tremendous client satisfaction
  • On time delivery
  • Seamless customer support
About smart clipping path services

Why choose us

Our goal
Our company serves to create professional products and sales images for customers. Through outstanding works, we expect to bring about benefits in different aspects for you, including enhancing your business’ growth opportunities, maintaining project efficiency and freeing you from the tedious and resource-intensive work.

Our approach
We are proud of the solutions we adopt to deal with customers’ various demands. Instead of considering projects as the virtual job or duty, we keep on encouraging our team members to make every attempt to gain perfection in every aspect. We don’t feel satisfied until projects are completed precisely in line with our ideology, which is to create natural, fast and cheap products. Professional working style to service customers in the best possible way, we have applied the automatic method of uploading the flow of images. Thus, we can offer a more friendly and modern interface to users, facilitating easy access to outsourced models when it comes to clipping path and image processing. Our team of specialists is qualified for the clipping of images and has gained considerable experience working in diverse industrial sectors. With their productivity, creativity, and reliability, they are certain to offer you the most satisfactory products.

24/7 availability
We stand ready to serve you all day and night long. Being able to cope with unscheduled order forms, we take great pride in ensuring a smooth operation and minimizing annoying interruption in our service.

High quality
Thanks to our team members’ talents and consideration, every step in conducting your project is kept under careful supervision to produce the highest quality output. We always update the latest technology in clipping of images to keep you up with the ongoing trend.

Affordable price range
As a means of gaining clients’ trust, we have decided on setting a flat price range for projects. Expenses for the clipping of images can be accurately estimated beforehand so that customers can decide whether to hire services or not. You can rest assured that there will never be hidden costs, so you will avoid the risk of being overcharged. Our price range starts at $0.25 per clipping, which is currently the best on the market. Thanks to our expertise in the clipping of images and automated processes, the production of between 3000 and 4000 photos each day now becomes possible.

Complete customer satisfaction
Our ultimate aim is to satisfy customers with outstanding projects. We are always willing to make any necessary modifications to cater to our clients’ diverse requirements perfectly.

We value the preciousness of time. With such a resourceful staff working to the best of their ability, we will never let ourselves slip behind schedule. Place your trust in Smart Clipping, and you will exactly get what you want.

We like to do things a little differently

How it works

We build a synchronized and flexible process. You will immediately find the answer right from the start to the most satisfactory final product.

Request for budget/quote

Receive quote/budget within short time.

Approve & process

After approving the quote/budget, we start processing the job.

Download the images

Once the job has been completed, we deliver to you via FTP/WebMedia

Make payment

Once you satisfied, we send you the invoice to make the payment.